Cash Management

Base currency Overview and Explanation

What is a base currency? A base currency is a currency used as the primary unit of account in a currency pair. It is the first currency listed in a currency pair and the value of the second currency is quoted in terms of the base currency. The base …


Bank overlay structure overview and explanation

What is a bank overlay structure? A bank overlay structure  is a type of mortgage loan program that allows borrowers to obtain multiple loans from different lenders in order to purchase a property. This structure is often used by borrowers who are u…


Bank Lockbox Overview and Explanation

What is a Bank Lockbox? A bank lockbox is a service offered by banks to businesses in which the bank receives and processes payments on behalf of the business. This service can help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for in-house st…


Types of bank accounts

What is a bank account? A bank account is a financial account that is held with a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union. These accounts are used to store and manage money, and can include various types of accounts such as checking, s…

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