The 5 characteristics of Bitcoin's energy consumption.

Bitcoin is an exceptionally flexible consumer of energy, research, and data analytics firm Arcane Research noted in its report titled: "How Bitcoin Mining Can Transform the Energy Industry".  The energy consumption of Bitcoin has been one …


Accounting Estimate

Accounting estimate definition What is an Accounting Estimate? Accounting estimates are  approximations of measurement to recognize the account in the financial statements. Accounting estimates are needed when an event has not occurred but has a gre…


Accounting for a non interest bearing note

Accounting for a non-interest-bearing Note How to Account for a Non-Interest Bearing Note A non interest bearing note is a note that doesn't require any interest payments. The interest of a non interest bearing note is deducted from the face va…


Accounting Event Overview

Accounting Event What is an Accounting Event? An accounting event is anything that happens in a business organization and can be subject to a transaction. An accounting event is reported as an accounting transaction in the financial statements. Comp…


Accounting Change

Accounting Change What is an Accounting Change? An accounting change is a change in accounting principle, estimate, or reporting entity. A change in accounting principles, estimate, or reporting entity may lead to a difference in the result to the b…


Accounting Breakeven Point

Accounting Breakeven Point What is the Accounting Breakeven Point? The accounting break-even point is a level of units sold at which a business earns no profit or loss. The accounting break-even point is calculated by Fixed Costs and Divided by (Se…

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