Accountant in Charge

Accountant in Charge What is an Accountant in Charge? Accounting in charge is a person who supervises the audit process and assigns tasks to the auditors to monitor them and make sure that the records are fair. The account in charge has the final du…


What is an Accountant?

Accountant definition What is an Accountant? An accountant is a person who prepares financial statements and tax returns, sets up accounting processes, and analyzes costs. An accountant's job is more complex than a bookkeeper so only graduates a…


What is Accountancy? Overview and Explanation

What is accountancy? Accountancy is recording, classifying, and reporting data of a business's day-to-day transactions, analyzing them, and reporting that to the stakeholders. Accountancy is the process of connecting a business to its stakeholde…


Accountable Plan Overview and Explanation

Accountable Plan What is an Accountable Plan? An accountable plan is to reimburse an employee for the expense he has done for the business. There are certain guidelines for an accountable plan, the reimbursement can not be calculated as personal inc…


Account Title (Definition)

Account Title What is an Account Title? Account title is a name that makes an account identifiable among thousands of accounts in a chart of accounts. In a chart of accounts, every account is specified with an identical name so that every transactio…

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