Accounts payable control Overview and Explanation

What is accounts payable control? Accounts payable control is an important aspect of financial management for any organization. It involves the tracking and payment of bills and invoices from vendors and suppliers. Proper accounts payable control he…


Cash Disbursement Overview and Explanation

What is Cash disbursement? Cash disbursement refers to the process of paying out money, either in the form of physical currency or electronic funds transfer. This can include payments to employees, vendors, or other parties for goods and services re…


Rebate Overview and Explanation

What is a Rebate? A rebate is a discount or reduction in the price of a product or service. It is often offered by the manufacturer or retailer as a way to encourage the purchase of a particular product or to stimulate sales. Rebates can take many f…


Accounts Payable Overview and Explanation

What is Accounts payable? Accounts payable is a crucial aspect of financial management in any business. It refers to the money that a company owes to its vendors, suppliers, and other creditors for goods or services that have been received, but have…

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