$15 Million in Gold and Valuables Stolen from Air Cargo Container at Toronto's Pearson International Airport

An air cargo container carrying a high-value shipment worth over $15 million, including gold and other valuables, was stolen from Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Monday. The authorities are currently investigating the incident and trying to determine who is behind the heist.

According to Stephen Duivesteyn of Peel Regional Police, the aircraft was unloaded, and the cargo was taken to a holding facility on Monday evening as part of the standard procedure. Later, the high-value container was removed from the facility by illegal means.

The police have not revealed whether any security cameras captured the heist, which airline transported the container, or who owns the container. However, Duivesteyn confirmed that the container contained a high-value shipment, including gold and other valuable items, estimating the value to be around $15 million.

Police Investigation

The investigation is still in its early stages, and the authorities have not yet identified any suspects. The police have not speculated on whether the heist was carried out by professionals or not, stating that they are keeping an open mind and looking at all possible angles.

Duivesteyn emphasized that this was an isolated incident and that such thefts are rare. He also confirmed that the investigation is not expected to disrupt any operations at the airport, which is the busiest in Canada.

Description of the Container

The container in question was described as being 5 or 6 square feet in size, but no other details have been provided.

The theft of the air cargo container carrying a high-value shipment worth over $15 million from Toronto's Pearson International Airport has raised concerns about the airport's security measures. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the identity of the thieves and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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