Why is it forbidden to sing these verses of the maxican national anthem and the fine for singing them?

There are prohibited verses of the Mexican National Anthem that could make you a creditor of a fine of up to 900 thousand pesos if you were to sign them, these are dedicated to two historical 'villains', Antonio López de Santa Anna and Emperor Agustín de Iturbide.

We are in September, the month of the country and the Mexican national anthem is one of the national
symbols that give us identity and national pride. In your time as a student, you will remember when you sang the National Anthem every Monday in honor of the Flag at your school, an activity that is still being carried out today, however, be very careful when singing it since there are prohibited verses of the Anthem, for which you could go to jail.

The National Anthem is one of the three patriotic symbols of Mexico, along with the shield and the flag, which, despite referring to war themes, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

How much is the penalty for singing these verses of the Mexican national anthem?

According to the Law on the Coat of Arms, the Flag, and the National Anthem, the improper use of any patriotic symbol, including the modification of the lyrics of the anthem, represents an administrative offense "for which a fine of" up to ten thousand times the value of the Measurement and Updating Unit (UMA) at the time the infraction was committed“.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) the value of the UMA for 2022, which came into force on February 1, is 96.22 pesos a day, so singing the Mexican National Anthem wrong or using these stanzas would be equivalent to a penalty of up to around 900 thousand pesos.

The National Anthem was created by Francisco González Bocanegra; Jaime Nuno Roca was responsible for the music. This had 10 verses back then.

The eliminated stanzas are IV and VII, dedicated to former president Antonio López de Santa Anna and the first emperor of Mexico, Agustín de Iturbide.

The Forbidden Verses

El guerrero inmortal de Zempoala

Del guerrero inmortal de Zempoala

Te defiende la espada terrible,

Y sostiene su brazo invencible

tu sagrado pendón tricolor.

¡El será del feliz mexicano!

en la paz y en la guerra el caudillo,

porque él supo sus armas de brillo

circundar en los campos de honor.

¡Circundar en los campos de honor!

De Iturbide la sacra bandera

Si a la lid contra hueste enemiga

Nos convoca la trompa guerrera

De Iturbide la sacra bandera

¡Mexicanos! valientes seguid.

Y a los fieros bridones les sirvan

Las vencidas hazañas de alfombra;

Los laureles del triunfo den sombra

A la frente del bravo Adalid.

Who is the immortal warrior of Zempoala?

The 11-time president, general, and loser of half the national territory, Antonio López de Santa Anna, wanted to make a hymn that would commemorate him as the great hero of the country and called for a contest - which was won by a poet forced by his girlfriend to participate, locked in a room until he finished his work, and set to music by a Spaniard.