The best vitamins and minerals for perfect hair

With a diet rich in vitamins and minerals or even with supplementation, the health of the hair can be greatly improved.

Healthy hair is a symbol of health and beauty. But to achieve this state, it is advisable to eat a healthy diet with a variety of nutrients that allow it to maintain good growth and appearance.

Although it is true that with age and the hormonal changes that we suffer in life, hair can be affected, the truth is that with a diet rich in these vitamins and minerals or even with additional supplementation, its condition can be greatly improved. Especially if there has been a lot of hair loss, such as can occur after pregnancy or after a time of stress or hair thinning.

B vitamins

Riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies have been associated with hair loss, as shown in this study carried out among experts from Miami and Saudi Arabia. Biotin (vitamin B) is one of the most popular supplements for hair, skin, and nails, as is vitamin B12. People who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet can have deficiencies, so it would be advisable to consult a professional.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has several important functions that can affect hair health, including the synthesis of collagen, which contains amino acids needed to make keratin, a part of the hair's structure. In addition, it improves the absorption of iron, which protects the hair from oxidative stress, which has been linked to hair loss.

Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D is associated with hair loss and today it is one of the vitamins that are most deficient in the population. It is obtained through the sun's rays, and certain foods such as oily fish, dairy, or eggs.


Iron is an important mineral for many bodily functions, including the transport of oxygen to tissues throughout the body. The deficiency of this mineral, which is the most common in the world, can cause anemia and hair loss, especially in women. 


Zinc is an important mineral for our body. Contributes to immune function, DNA synthesis, and wound healing. A zinc deficiency can cause hair loss.

Omega 3

Omega 3 essential oils are beneficial for the hair because they increase its density and strengthen the hair follicle. The richest foods are fatty fish, walnuts, and chia.