Tesla customers announce hunger strike in Norway to get Musk's attention

Tesla electric vehicle owners announced a hunger strike in Oslo, Norway, last Saturday (27), to get the attention of the manufacturer's director, Elon Musk. According to the group, a series of problems hinder the operation of cars and can endanger the lives of users.

As the official website of the movement reports, the country has the highest number of Teslas per capita in the world. In 2020 Norway became the first territory where electric cars occupy more than 50% of the fleet. However, despite the numbers, unsafe driving alarms the company's customers.

The list drawn up by the protesters has 29 problems ranging from loud noises to the malfunction of the autopilot. See the complete list:

– The car does not start in cold weather

– Door handles do not open in cold weather

- Intense hissing noise

– The car does not start in hot weather

– “Bubbles” on the seats

– Loose front seat

– Trunk lid filled with rainwater

– Autopilot not working properly

– The Internet is slow and does not work as it should

– Cleaners don't work (well enough)

– Car creaks when you go over speed bumps and other bumps in the road

– Loose decorative frames

– Lights do not work properly

– Ports stop working properly

– Doors that open by themselves

– The computer does not work

– Yellow borders around display screens

– Windows that do not close completely

– Systems restart by themselves

– Problems loading

– reduced power

– Rust issues on new cars (especially Model 3)

– Poor paint quality means the car needs repainting

– Free charging for the entire life of the car was promised, but the new charging stations do not fit in the car

– Shorter battery life Tesla claims

- Problems with the air conditioning

– Not all problems are resolved when the car is repaired

– Tesla promises to contact you, but you haven't heard from them

– You have to wait on the phone for a long time before Tesla responds

In the United States, the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating approximately 200 accidents involving Tesla cars. The agency focuses efforts on 16 that involve autopilot technology.

On the networks, Erlend Mørch, one of the participants in the movement in Norway, appealed to Elon Musk saying that Norwegians are suffering, and posts a gif of a closed image of the protesters that is enlarged until the word “help” appears written by the position of the protesters. own cars, adding, "I know you can see this."