Queen Elizabeth II and her relationship with sport: What disciplines and teams were her favourites?

Rumors suggest that Queen Elizabeth II was a fan of West Ham, although a story with Cesc Fabregas indicates that her team could be Arsenal

According to information from the British royal family, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, died this Thursday at the age of 96, of which 70 and 214 days she was monarch of the United Kingdom and sovereign of fourteen other independent states, constituted as a kingdom and that is part of the Commonwealth of Nations: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua, and Barbuda and Saint Cristobal and Nieves.

The time that Elizabeth II reigned made her the longest-serving sovereign in the history of Great Britain. Recognized for her elegance and sobriety, did she have any sports passion?

In 1950, Queen Elizabeth II witnessed the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in history, accompanied by her husband Philip of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret, and the Earls of Mountbatten of Burma. This event, in addition to bringing together the monarchy and aristocracy, had 200,000 spectators who went to Silverstone airport converted into a car circuit, whose first victory was for the Italian Giuseppe Farina.

The first cup football match he attended was the 1953 FA Cup Final in which Blackpool beat Bolton Wanderers. She had previously seen Chelsea play in 1945, but in her capacity as a princess and in a regional league that was created due to World War II. Many years later, Queen Elizabeth II attended her first baseball game, which was in Baltimore in 1991 between the Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland Athletics.

"Football is a difficult business, and soccer players are prima donnas. But it is a wonderful game" once expressed Queen Elizabeth II, showing her knowledge and interest in this sport.

The question that always remains is: which team does the Queen support? Actually, no one knows. She has tried not to show the color of her shirt to be 'neutral', but rumors suggest that she may be a fan of West Ham, according to some members of her staff after talking with her about a match played by this equipment. Cesc Fabregas contradicted this information when he reported that after a visit Arsenal made to Buckingham Palace, during the reception the Queen asked to speak with him, and she proved to be well informed about the team and even told him that she was an Arsenal fan.

Queen Elizabeth II's relationship with sport went beyond football. She is patron of the Rugby Football Union, and the Welsh Rugby Union, entities that regulate the sport in England and Wales. She is also patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which is, in simple words, the host club of the Wimbledon tournament. From the time she began her reign in 1953 and until 1977, she had only visited Wimbledon three times. Her next visit was in 2010. The Queen herself is not a big fan of tennis, and she even gave this patronage to the Duchess Catherine of Cambridge.

Where Queen Elizabeth II expressed her sports passion is in horses. She owns and breeds Thoroughbred horses, and there is even a race day in her honor, known as Royal Ascot, which is held in Ascot, England. This date makes it the most visited racetrack in all of Europe. The Queen is never missing. There is even a dress code, which is strict and requires attendees to wear a hat.

Elizabeth II was born before the first World Cup in history took place, and the nonagenarian has been able to see 22 World Cups -she even handed over the cup to England when she was crowned at Wembley in 1966-, and 22 Olympic Games, with 'jumping' included from James Bond's hand from a helicopter to enter the opening ceremony in London 2012.