Mercadona withdraws one of its favorite cosmetic products

 The withdrawal of products is common in supermarkets. There comes a time when, for different reasons, companies decide to stop manufacturing some products that are either not profitable for them to manufacture or are not in high demand by the public. Of course, with the withdrawal of products, there are always some complaints from customers, as is the case of users who buy at Mercadona and who have seen how one of their favorite products has been withdrawn.

The supermarket owned by Juan Roig decided to withdraw a few weeks ago a cosmetic product that seems to have caused a sensation and that is because there are many users who have complained through social networks about the withdrawal of this product from the beauty section. Specifically, it is the Very Woman perfume, one of the favorite fragrances of his clients.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Mercadona perfumes have a great resemblance to high-end perfumes, but with a much lower price. That is precisely why there are many people who come to Deliplus fragrances to choose their day-to-day perfumes and not have to spend too much money on a single fragrance.

It was precisely a girl through Twitter who warned about the withdrawal of this perfume that is now impossible to find on the shelves of Mercadona. This was one of the most striking perfumes in the entire collection due to its colors and shape, but now it can no longer be purchased.